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本文摘要:After three years of trying to repair businesses that proved to be unfixable, Nokia Corp. NOK1V.HE +33.94% Chief Executive Stephen Elop is back at Microsoft Corp. MSFT -4.55% to help shape the legacy of the software giants longtime boss, a


After three years of trying to repair businesses that proved to be unfixable, Nokia Corp. NOK1V.HE +33.94% Chief Executive Stephen Elop is back at Microsoft Corp. MSFT -4.55% to help shape the legacy of the software giants longtime boss, and potentially take his job. 三年来企图修缮最后证明是无药可救的业务之后,诺基亚(Nokia Corp.)首席执行长(CEO)埃洛普(Stephen Elop)又返回了微软公司(Microsoft Corp.),协助塑造成这家软件巨头长年掌门人的留给的“遗产”,并有可能取而代之。Nokia on Tuesday announced the $7 billion sale of an ailing handset business to Microsoft, ending several months of discussions between Mr. Elop and Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer. The negotiations were the subject of dozens of boardroom deliberations on both sides of the Atlantic. 诺基亚周二宣告以70亿美元的价格将境况不佳的手机业务出售给微软公司,完结了埃洛普和微软公司CEO鲍尔默(Steve Ballmer)之间历时数月的谈判。地处大西洋两岸的这两家公司的董事会都为这些谈判开会了数十次的会议。

Nokia shareholders and many in Finland applauded the move. Nokia shares jumped 34% to 3.97 euros ($5.24) in Helsinki trading Tuesday amid sentiment that the deal is the best solution for a mobile-device operation that already relied heavily on Microsoft Windows technology. 诺基亚股东和许多芬兰人鼓掌欢迎这一并购行动。诺基亚股票周二在赫尔辛基跃居34%,至3.97欧元(合5.24美元),人们指出对于早已相当严重倚赖微软公司Windows技术的移动设备业务来说,该交易是最差的解决方案。It is a stark reversal to the chilly reception Mr. Elop has recently weathered in Helsinki, where some had taken to calling him Stephen Eflop. 这与埃洛普近来在赫尔辛基遭的冷遇构成了鲜明对比,赫尔辛基的一些人早已开始叫他“埃笨伯”(Stephen Eflop)。

Having left Microsoft after running the companys profitable business division, Mr. Elop returns a bit of a hero. He was the only executive in the global handset business to exclusively use the Microsoft mobile platform and Nokia now sells nearly every Windows phone that is sold world-wide. 埃洛普离开了微软公司之前负责管理该公司利润可观的企业部门,此次又完全以英雄姿态重返微软公司。他是全球手机企业中唯一一位专门用于微软公司手机平台的CEO,如今在全球销售的所有Windows手机完全都是由诺基亚销售。The table is set for the 49-year-old executive to help Mr. Ballmer pull off an ambitious plan and, in the process, win respect in Microsofts board room as its directors search for a new CEO. 现在早已万事俱备,49岁的埃洛普将协助鲍尔默实行宏伟的计划,并且在这个过程中夺得微软公司董事会的认同。

目前微软公司董事会正在搜索新的CEO人选。In an interview Tuesday, Mr. Ballmer said the public shouldnt read too much into what the deal means for Mr. Elops future, but acknowledged his longtime associate has gone from being an external candidate to an internal candidate. 鲍尔默周二拒绝接受专访时说,公众不不应过度理解这桩交易对于埃洛普未来的意义,但否认曾长年兼任他助手的埃洛普早已从外部候选人变为内部候选人。The immediate goal is to work hand-in-hand with engineers and marketing staff at Microsoft to put the pieces in place to truly compete with rivals. The executives are eager to develop a legitimate third ecosystem capable of taking on players like Samsung Electronics Co., 005930.SE -1.04% Apple Inc., and Google Inc., GOOG +1.59% which are miles ahead thanks to iOS and Android. 两家达成协议交易后的近期目标是与微软公司的工程师和营销人员通力合作,利用现有资源确实与输掉进行竞争。管理层渴求研发合理的第三种生态系统,需要挑战三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)、苹果(Apple Inc.)和谷歌(Google Inc.)等厂商,这些厂商凭借苹果iOS和谷歌安卓(Android)操作系统遥遥领先。


If he fails, Mr. Ballmers legacy will be dented. The Microsoft chief has been criticized for not keeping up in a fast-moving industry. People involved in the Nokia deal say the play for a struggling handset business is one last effort to prove his mettle. 如果告终,鲍尔默的“遗产”将损毁。这位微软公司CEO早已因没能跟上较慢变化的行业动向而受到抨击。参予诺基亚交易的人士说道,并购一家陷入困境的手机企业是证明他勇气的最后行动。

In choosing Mr. Elop to lead the integration of the new business, Mr. Ballmer taps a respected ally. During the interview, Mr. Ballmer said he values Mr. Elop as a partner. The Canadian-born executive was one of the few people he called before announcing his coming retirement. 通过自由选择埃洛普领导新的企业的统合,鲍尔默谋求到了一位不受人敬重的盟友。鲍尔默拒绝接受专访时说,他将埃洛普视作合作伙伴。

出生于加拿大的埃洛普是鲍尔默宣告将要卸任之前约见的少数人之一。Mr. Ballmer also picked an executive who hasnt strayed far from home. 此外,鲍尔默还自由选择了一个离家不远处的高管。Since joining Nokia in 2010, Mr. Elop has taken commercial flights between Helsinki and Seattle. He essentially lived out of a suitcase to balance the demands of turning around a crumbling business and raising teenage daughters whom he didnt want to uproot. 2010年重新加入诺基亚以来,埃洛普之后搭乘商业航班来往于赫尔辛基和西雅图之间。


Mr. Elop isnt a stranger to tough decisions. He made waves almost immediately after starting at Nokia. He set to work on a plan that would lead to tens of thousands of job cuts and a downsizing of Nokias treasured research and development department. He sold key assets, including the seaside headquarters near Helsinki and closed the last remaining handset factory in Finland. 对于做到艰苦的要求,埃洛普堪称驾轻就熟。在诺基亚离任后,他立刻开始“大动干戈”。趁此机会著手制订计划,打算裁员数万人,精简倍受诺基亚推崇的研发部门,而后变卖了赫尔辛基附近临海总部大楼等关键资产,并且重开了该公司坐落于芬兰的最后一个手机工厂。

He also changed the focus. Earlier this year, after an extensive rebuild of the Nokia Siemens Networks wireless division, Mr. Elop paid about $2.2 billion to buy out Siemens AG. Nokia now looks a lot like Swedens Ericsson, which exited handset manufacturing a couple of years ago and is now making big profits selling infrastructure. 此外,埃洛普还转变了诺基亚的注目焦点。今年早些时候,在诺基亚西门子通信公司(Nokia Siemens Networks)无线业务经历了一番修复后,埃洛普缴纳了大约22亿美元并购西门子公司(Siemens AG)在该合资公司中的股份。诺基亚现在看起来与瑞典的爱立信(Ericsson)十分相似,后者在几年前解散了手机生产业务,目前于是以通过出售基础设施赚巨额利润。

The results of the handset strategy have been less than stellar. 诺基亚手机战略的效果称得上极致。Nokias cash burn and losses have narrowed, but it only controls about 3% of the global smartphone market and 14% of a total handset market. While many analysts have blamed Nokias demise on a weak Microsoft operating system, criticism can be aimed at Nokia executives who underestimated rivals. 诺基亚的现金消耗与亏损有所收窄,但该公司目前只掌控着全球3%的智能手机市场和14%的整体手机市场。

虽然很多分析人士将诺基亚的衰败归咎于微软公司不给力的操作系统,但只不过也可将抨击的矛头对准诺基亚高管,是他们高估了竞争对手。In recent months, it became increasingly clear the Windows phone strategy was running into a roadblock. No matter how good Nokias new Lumia smartphones were, other players in the industry-particularly Samsung Electronics-had deeper pockets that allowed them to pour far more money into marketing and discounting smartphones than Mr. Elop has initially calculated. 近几个月越发具体的一点是,Windows手机战略阻碍。不管诺基亚的新智能手机Lumia有多篮,业内其它厂家(尤其是三星电子)都十分财大气粗,可在智能手机的营销和折扣方面投放近少于埃洛普最初以为的大量资金。


Samsungs market share, fueled by the popularity of both the Galaxy handset and the Google Inc. Android operating system it runs, has skyrocketed as Nokias share plummeted, with the Korean company overtaking Nokia at No. 1 in 2012. 随着诺基亚手机市场份额下跌,三星电子的市场份额则经常出现攀升,这归功于Galaxy手机与其配备的谷歌安卓操作系统的高人气。这家韩国公司月底2012年代替诺基亚,沦为全球第一大手机生产商。Mr. Elop has done his best to paint a positive picture of Nokias phone business, pointing out that Lumia volume, while small, has been growing, with sales increasing 32% to 7.4 million in the second quarter. Samsung, however, sold nearly 10 times as many smartphones in the first three months of 2013. 埃洛普竭尽所能地为诺基亚手机业务描绘出一幅大力图景。

他认为,Lumia虽然销量并不大,却在逐步快速增长。今年第二季度,Lumia销量超过740万部,增幅为32%。今年前三个月,三星电子的智能手机销量是Lumia的将近10倍。The clock is now ticking on Mr. Elops attempt to catch up. 时间严峻,埃洛普不应减缓追上步伐。